The 7 Best Places For Guacamole in Austin

Holy moly, guacamole!

When it’s good, it’s gone too fast.

When it’s bad, the entire meal goes sour.

Never run out of your precious supply again because we’ve spread our search far and wide for the best that Austin’s got.

Here’s the scoop on the seven best spots to get your fix:


Source: Torchy’s FaceBook:

The menu headers label every section as “Damn Good”, and Torchy’s lives up to this claim quite tastefully!

With fresh fare featuring calorie counts for the diet-conscious, the guac is sized to fit any appetite with plenty of homemade chips included!

Why we LOVE them: Cotija cheese on guac is our new JAM! We’re not sure how we ever lived without it and love the simple spin on a classic!

What customers have said: Satisfying chunks of avocado and a healthy portion make it an indulgence you don’t have to feel guilty about.


Source: Cyclone Anaya’s Facebook:

For those not afraid to get FRESH with their guacamole, you’ll get the goods delivered straight to your table!

Featured on the menu as Guacamole – Made Table Side, you’re not just ordering a side dish, you’re ordering an entire experience!

(And you’re always free to order the delicious from the kitchen version).

Why we LOVE them: Love you some more green onions or tomatoes (or none at all?). Simply tell them and they’ll customize your guac at the table!

What customers have said: Guacamole purists will LOVE the fresh, unadulterated avocado base, free of unknown mix-ins and additives.


Source: Jardin Corona’s Yelp:

Serving traditional Mexican food with an outstanding sense of value, their classic flair equals big-time flavor perfect for the whole family.

A table-pleaser, this guac is everything you’d expect from an old favorite recipe, so enjoy with good company (though you won’t talk much!).

Why we LOVE them: The chunks of fresh tomatoes add craving-worthy texture and a refreshing zestiness! And all of that for $1.99 as a side!

What customers have said: That it has a nice little kick and is seasoned well, making for a very flavorful guac that pairs perfectly with chips.


Source: Maria’s Taco Xpress Facebook:

Get ready to see guac in a whole new light! Fresh, zesty, and perfected over the years, you’re in for a real treat with this simple (and taste bud pleasing!) take on the classic!

Run by Maria, know by the Austin Chronicle as “South Austin’s Taco Queen”, this eclectic spot has been in the mix for over 21 years.

Why we LOVE them: They know how to combine flavors like none other! Try the loaded chicken tortilla with black beans, guacamole, queso fresco, bell peppers, onions, bacon, and a fried egg!

What customers have said: It’s a CAN’T-MISS companion with chips and a couple of Al Pastor tacos (marinated pork with pineapple)!


Source: Fresas’ Yelp:

Why try one type of guac when you can try three? Exactly.

After the Classic guac, you can go sweet or savory! Try the Green Apple guac with pineapple, jicama, and mint or Chipotle Bacon with chorizo, adobo, and queso fresco.

Why we LOVE them: Three words: CHIPOTLE BACON GUACAMOLE! We want to personally thank the creative genius behind adding bacon, it’s sinful in the best way!

What customers have said: The guac portions are LARGE, but it’s a compliment, not a complaint, especially since they still found they needed seconds, it went so fast!


Source: Picnik’s Yelp:

Have any food sensitivities that make chips and guac a no-go? You may just get the green light to try this guac!

Catering to those with food allergies, sensitivities, and dietary requirements, this flagship location offers guac with simple, stomach-friendly ingredients.

Why we LOVE them: The simplicity makes it a standout, and we couldn’t believe how much flavor we got from fresh apple, kale, avocado, red onions and cilantro alone!

What customers have said: The almond flour chips make for the perfect CRUNCH that makes the guac disappear at lightning speed, so good thing for the good portions!


Source: Licha’s Yelp:

With a rich family history, this restaurant, named after the owner’s mother, Alicia “Licha” Rivera, creates dishes to capture the flavors enjoyed by locals in Mexico City.

Their vegetarian and gluten-free guac is served in a style you’ve likely not seen before, but will almost certainly want seconds of, ASAP!

Why we LOVE them: That their guac is loaded with pumpkin seeds and queso fresco! We were immediately hooked on the added crunch and just-right hint of salt.

What customers have said: That your biggest regret will be that you didn’t go sooner and try the unique whipped texture of this addicting rendition of guac!


Variety is the spice of life, so we recommend you try all seven! And, if you’re so inspired, chase your guacamole fix with six of the best places for chips and salsa in Austin!

Are there any other great guacamole spots you feel we should know about? Let us know in the comments and share why you love them!

7 Awesome Dog Friendly Patios in Austin

It’s finally the weekend (or 6 p.m. on a Wednesday night) and you can’t wait to switch up your routine!

There’s only one thing standing in your way — and it’s wagging its tail by the door…

Good news, you never again have to choose between freedom and your furry friend!

We’ve fetched a list of the best places with dog-friendly outdoor patios you AND your pet will love!

So go ahead — #treatyoself.


Photo credit: Forthright

Forthright is like an oasis in the desert, with the bright and breezy patio serving as a downtown respite, whether you’re just off the hike and bike trail (a block away) or a long day at the office!

To top it off, this place has some killer brunch/lunch going on, with plenty of soul food favorites like chicken and waffles, and of course, the trendy foodie standby of avocado toast.

So take a load off, and take your dog with you so you can both enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life while soaking in the sunshine.

Why we love them: With a chef-prepared menu full of fresh ingredients for you and a “Dog Bowl” you can order for your pup made of hamburger and sweet potato, you’re both set for a great afternoon!

What customers have said: The atmosphere and servers are equally friendly, with the patio serving as a quaint spot downtown they look forward to returning to again!



Photo credit: Cyclone Anaya’s Tex-Mex Cantina

What’s not to love about a beautiful outdoor patio that’s just as pet-perfect at night?

Satisfy your nighttime craving for chips and salsa with your favorite fur baby by your side! Serving up some of the best Tex-Mex in Austin, there’s something super satisfying here for just about everyone.

If you’d like to spend the entire day together, the Domain NORTHSIDE neighborhood is one of the most dog-friendly places to do it. All stores in the shopping area allow dogs inside!

(Though know that state law prevents dogs from going inside restaurants. Pups are still welcome on many of the outdoor patios!)

People and pet watching are a ton of fun in the Domain NORTHSIDE with most of the outdoor patios giving a great view of passing Austinites!

Get your shop on with your pet by your side and make Cyclone Anaya’s your leisurely pitstop, all without a care in the world.

Why we love them: The extra-welcoming water bowls to keep your pet hydrated (and cool in the lingering heat!) add to the overall home-away-from-home ambiance.

What customers have said: That this place is so dog friendly, it’s truly a party. Dog’s birthday celebrations have been spotted here, and they add to the fun, even for those there without pets!



Photo credit: Yelp User Jesse D.

If you want to go big or go home with your outdoor patio experience while enjoying a local brew and some soul food options, too, this is your spot!

A restaurant modeled after their family’s Texas ranch, this place recently celebrated its 7th anniversary of being a dog-friendly go-to for its good food and sprawling property!

Featuring a dog-friendly Rose Garden portion of the outdoor space, you can mingle with other dog owners and still enjoy the beautiful view of the property.

Why we love them: There isn’t much else more satisfying than a beautiful outdoor space, a local brew and some hearty Texas favorites to savor, all with your best friend by your side.

What customers have said: They enjoy the expansive outdoor space with long picnic tables, a laid-back vibe and plenty of other dogs around to keep yours entertained.


  1. TLC

Photo credit: TLC

This new place in Lamar Union (it opened in January) is already becoming a local staple for dog owners looking for a lively (and family-friendly) place to enjoy some much-needed time off.

Whether you’re looking for brunch on the weekend, or a happy hour on that break from the mundane on a Wednesday, there’s fun here for everyone, especially with your pet!

With patio/yard games to keep both you and your dog entertained for as long as you’d like to stay, you could make a day of it!

Why we love them: Comfort is at an all-time high here, even on a hot day, with water bowls and eco-friendly misters that will keep both you and your dog happy.

What customers have said: It’s the perfect place to finish a walk or to enjoy after a stroll on the weekend, quickly becoming a place where they look forward to seeing their dog-owner friends!



Photo credit: Alta’s Cafe

Location, location, location.

With some great craft coffee and light bites too, this outdoor patio is right on the hike and bike trail by Lady Bird Lake!

Take a break from outdoor activities or simply enjoy a day by the lake with your dog by your side. The view truly is breathtaking, and we think you BOTH will agree.

As an added convenience, a Kayak rental company is located right downstairs incase you want to take your pup for a trip out onto the water!

Why we love them: The lake view is amazing enough on its own, but this place upped the ante by keeping treats at the counter and providing water bowls along with friendly service!

What customers have said: Alta’s is the perfect spot to bring your dog on a sunny day and serves some of the best craft coffee in the area, making it a place they love stopping at, too.



Cheers to a fun day outdoors listening to music, hanging with your friends, and letting your dog make a few new ones, too.

Banger’s is known for its brew selection and good grub, but the dog-friendly culture is just as integral to the ambiance.

With a section for your dogs to play in, it’s now easier than ever to enjoy your weekend and let your pup run wild wild with new friends at the same time!

Photo credit: Bangers Sausage House & Beer Garden

Why we love them: It perfectly accommodates people with and without pets with ease by encouraging them to stay in a certain part of the space, made possible by a large property.

What customers have said: A perfect place to see and be seen, in a totally laid back way, for you and your pet. This lively venue may just make your dog’s inner social butterfly come out.



With brewing exceptional beer for their neighbors as their mission statement, this place feels like all of the best parts of a block party mixed together!

There’s good food, good brew, and good people, with plenty of outdoor patio space for your dogs, who are just as welcome as you are!

No matter the time of day, or what might be going on, your pet is always encouraged to enjoy the festivities right by your side!

Why we love them: The chill vibe of this place almost makes you forget you aren’t suddenly in your own awesomely upgraded backyard having a housewarming party, and we love it!

What customers have said: The outside gravel patio and generous amount of picnic table seating makes it a great place for meeting your friends and enjoying quality time with your pet.

Photo credit: St. Elmo Brewing Company


Any one of these seven places is sure to be heaven for man’s best friend, so it’s up you to decide which place has your favorite vibe! Happy trails!

Are there any outdoor patios worth a walkthrough that we missed? Let us know in the comments and share why it’s a favorite for you and your dog!

The 6 Best Places for Chips And Salsa in Austin

Everyone knows when you say “YES” to Mexican food, you’re all anticipating the same thing — the CHIPS AND SALSA.

That just-right hint of salt.

That delicious tomato-tortilla chip contrast.

That satisfying crunch.

In fact, that first bowl of chips can make or break your entire experience! And disappointment can make the entire thing go stale… quickly!

We’ve curated a list of reliable places to get a head start on that important part of the meal – chips and salsa.

Here are six places in Austin that are the real deal:


Photo by Courtney G. on Yelp. Also shown with Vegan Ceviche.

Bouldin Creek makes everything from scratch, and many of its items are Vegan. All of them are full of natural, organic and pure ingredients. As far as healthy splurges go, you can feel the best about this one.

The Non-GMO Chips and House-Made Salsa make it so you know exactly what you’re eating. No hidden ingredients or preservatives leave plenty of room for pure FLAVOR.

And that’s exactly what every chunky tomato-filled bite will reveal, with a hint of spice.

Why we LOVE them: Free refills, anyone? For just $3.50, you can satisfy your craving until your stomach begs for a reprieve!

What customers have said: That the salsa is peppered and spiced to perfection in an addicting way.


If you like smokey, chipotle style salsa with big bold flavor in every bite your tastebuds will go gaga at Cyclone Anaya’s Tex-Mex Cantina!

The salsa is made fresh daily in-house and the sweet and smokey combo comes from our unique method of “charring” the tomatoes before blending them with chipotle peppers and green and red jalapeños.

Be ready for chips you can’t put down and a smokey kick of heat. Pair it with their wicked strong jumbo margarita’s and you have the perfect pre-meal treat!

Why we LOVE them: Their zesty blend of tomatoes, peppers and cilantro are made fresh EVERY day. You will always get that incredible just-made taste of freshly prepared ingredients and charred tomatoes.

What customers have said: That they found themselves eating their weight in chips and salsa and not regretting it for a second.


Photo from Chuys Yelp.

Chuy’s commitment to fresh ingredients and just-out-of-the-oven serving style make their chips and salsa combo a must-have.

You can expect hot chips fresh out of the fryer and a creamy jalapeño dip that will be completely different than what you expected, and in the best way!

Why WE love them: There’s something about the cilantro, jalapeño and smooth creamy taste combination that makes you want just one more bite… until it’s all gone!

What customers have said: That the creamy jalapeño dip turns formerly well behaved people with table manners into vultures. So get ready to EAT!


Chips at Tacodeli (Credit: Kaleb Fulgham via Flickr CC)

Tacodeli thrives on offering alternatives different than what you expect, and this includes things like letting you make your own tacos!

Your chips and salsa experience will likely be just as uniquely satisfying! The chips are 100% organic masa, an alternative often cited as healthier than corn.

With four different salsas in varying spiciness to try (Verde, Roja, Dona, Habanero), the Salsa Dona is a standout!

Why WE love them: The jalapeño and garlic combo of the Salsa Dona makes for a flavor profile far too tasty to ignore.

What customers have said: This stuff is so good you’ll be want to buy the next size up to get TWO bags of chips and a bigger salsa container… trust them!


Photo from Mi Madre’s Yelp.

Often on “best-of” lists for its tacos, Mi Madre’s makes a whole host of freshly made food that’ll likely be loved by the entire family.

The chips and salsa are no different. You can expect delicious traditional corn tortilla chips and equally traditional salsa with the same spice and texture that likely made your mouth water in the first place.

Why WE love them: The chips come out nice and warm in a basket that you’ll likely suddenly find is empty. Don’t worry, just ask for a refill and start fresh!

What customers have said: Even the pickiest of eaters who grew up eating authentic homemade salsa found it to be the same spicy yet comforting flavor profile they were used to.


Photo from Bed Stay Scrapper S. on Yelp

This list features some amazing places for chips and salsa! No matter where we go, though, there’s usually a choice to be made.

What if you really didn’t have to choose between a traditional salsa and maybe something a bit more spicy and even smoky? What if they were all available at the same place?

The salsa bar at Polvo’s offers just that, with three different sauces ranging from mild to HOT HOT HOT.

Why WE love them: Unexpected surprises, like the delicious pickled carrots (who knew!) add some unexpected flavors to the traditional chips and salsa combo that we found especially addicting!

What customers have said: They never knew that different salsas could mix together so well, or that pickled carrots (yep, we’re mentioning them again), could be so delicious!


No matter which one you try (we recommend all six!), you’re sure to satisfy your chips and salsa craving, so our work here is done… until it’s guacamole time!

Are there any great chips and salsa restaurants we missed? Let us know in the comments and share why they are your favorite!




Tex-Mex Bucket List: 8 Dishes To Try Before You Die

Move over, bland bucket list, because we’ve got some exciting news for your taste buds (and commitment to locally sourced ingredients)!

From an award-winning salsa master to tortillas made in house, we’ve perfected many plates here at Cyclone Anaya’s Tex-Mex Cantina.

Based on both customer compliments and our own discoveries, here are our eight must-haves. Because you haven’t really lived until you’ve tried them!


A local take on classic tacos, juicy Texas brisket meets equally mouthwatering chipotle puree and other spices, then slow roasts for 12 hours. The perfection is topped with fresh slaw, chili dressing, and your choice of salsa, for a completely new combination we think you’ll love!


Cheers to something completely different! These aren’t your standard crispy shrimp tacos. They burst with rich flavor from a Negra Modelo beer batter that makes the shrimp even more scrumptious! Customers agree that it’s one of our best creations:

This is one of my favorite Mexican spots in Austin. A fun, great hangout spot at the Domain! My favorite is the crispy shrimp tacos with the charro beans!!! (Brittni, Yelp)


On the road to hangry but not quite ready for a full meal?

We’ve got you covered with the happy hour version of our signature Rotisserie Chicken Tacos, made with our secret spice blend and infamous brining technique. It takes us 24 hours, a process well worth the wait!

Hungry for more?

It’s also available on the full-sized menu. They’re a crowd pleaser either way:

I love this place!!! I get the rotisserie chicken tacos, and they are the bee’s knees! (Bridgette, Amazon Restaurants Review)


Sometimes the simplest things bring the greatest joy, and this Pollo Vienna dish proves that by its popularity!

Much more interesting than the standard chicken breast plate, chipotle mushroom cream sauce brings equal parts zesty and savory to the dish. The resulting combo is a restaurant staple you simply won’t want to put down. The testimonials are many! Here are a few:

I had the Pollo Vienna and it was amazingly creamy and good. (Angela F, Yelp)

Pollo Vienna was great. More than I could eat. (Anonymous, Tripadvisor)

The service was great and the food was spectacular. I would highly recommend this place. The Pollo Vienna was delicious. (Elliot, Yelp)


What’s not to love about ceviche?

We step it up by marinating a fresh batch of shrimp, scallops, and fish in zesty lime juice. The citrus makes a fragrant first impression, followed by a slightly spicy jalapeño, cilantro and red onion combo. Crowd-pleasing plantains and avocado top the dish off and, according to this customer, is exactly why it made the list:

Then there’s the ceviche… one of my favorite things I had the whole night: lime and herb-cured seafood served with avocado and crispy plantains! (Monique Sandhu, a local food blogger)


Is making decisions something you avoid? Hello, delicious procrastination!

With a little bit of everything in each bite, we pile our crispy tortilla chips high with layers and layers of goodness! Sizzlin’ fajita beef, chicken and smashed beans make the base, topped with guacamole, pico de gallo, and sour cream. It’ll be the best indecisive choice you’ve ever made, says this customer:

We then got a half order of the beef and chicken nachos: corn tortilla chips topped with smashed beans, melted cheese and beef fajita or chicken fajita. Served with sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo and jalapeños. I love that each nacho is made separately so you have the perfect ratio. (Monique Sandhu)


Stomach growling out of control?

We’ve got you covered with the ATX Burrito, your empty stomach’s new BFF! With a fresh in-house flour tortilla bigger than the heartiest appetite, it’s packed with hunger-smashing carne guisada, beans, pico de gallo, chili con carne sauce, and a whole lotta cheese (chile con queso and melted yellow).

It gets the job DONE, happy customers say:

Soooooo this place is great. The food was excellent. ATX burrito was on point. (Cory, Yelp)


Equal parts delicate and decadent, we think you’ll find our Tres Leches cake one to die for! A pleasantly spongy slice layered to rich creamy perfection, three milks sweetly combine (whole, condensed, and evaporated). Sprinkled cinnamon on top, a drizzling of chocolate, and some whipped cream and sliced strawberries on the side make for the perfect last must-have dish!


Escaping the summer heat in style, all while crossing off your bucket list, is a certified win-win!

Bring a group of friends or simply enjoy the ambiance at the bar surrounded by warm lighting, inviting chairs, and a friendly staff! Every aspect of your experience should be inviting and memorable, which is why we love reviews like these:

Cyclone Anaya’s has the high-quality food and cocktail offerings that you expect from fine dining, while totally unpretentious about it…. We love this place and will definitely come back. Alyssa was a wonderful bartender, and took time with us to help us pick out the right drinks for our tastes. You can’t go wrong here! – Kylie C, Google Reviewer

Cyclone Anaya hasn’t disappointed us yet. The food is good and filling. The margaritas are on point. And the atmosphere is amazingly cool. We’ve been for lunch and the menu is extensive… Lots to choose from when it comes to Tex Mex. The service is great too. – OpenTable Diner


Never make the choice between staying in or leaving your dog again with our pup friendly patio.

With an open floor plan that looks right into the restaurant, you’ll still stay a part of the excitement. Plus, your pup may just find a new best friend, like these two cuties below, the tiny but mighty Dazee Dukes (lower left) and sweet sombrero-wearing Charlie Bear (lower right).


Don’t forget to document the good times on your way out.

Our photo booth at the exit invites you to remember every moment you spent enjoying the good food, solid drinks, and great conversations with the people you care about. Have fun with some props, or simply smile for the camera. It’s all so memorable, you’ll likely want to invite your friends, like this customer:

“Absolutely delicious! Atmosphere was amazing! I visited Austin for the first time and found this place on a whim, and I will recommend to all my friends!” Jorri H, Yelp.



Why wait your whole life to enjoy some quality local Tex-Mex? Stop by Cyclone Anaya’s Tex-Mex Cantina, see our full menu, and make your own must-have list! Make a reservation today and taste for yourself why customers are calling it the best Tex-Mex in Austin!

For more about what inspired our Tex-Mex menus, check out our last post, Tex Mex. vs Traditional Mexican: What’s The Difference, or follow us on Instagram for new creations, popular favorites, and more!

Visit us at: 3120 Palm Way Suite 170, Austin, Texas 78758

Tex-Mex vs. Traditional Mexican: What is The Difference?

Tex-Mex Vs Traditional Mexican Header image

If you live in Austin, you know there are two types of food us Austinites can’t get enough of: BBQ & Mexican food.

However, what many Austinites may not know is the difference between traditional Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine. After reading this quick (and delicious!) article, you’ll have all you need to know to impress friends around your next great plate of nachos or win a round of trivia.  


Roasted Chipotle Tacos Cyclone Anaya's Tex-Mex Cantina

The Chipotle Roasted Beef Brisket Tacos from Cyclone Anaya’s Tex-Mex Cantina.

In short: Tex-Mex is the “Texas” version of Mexican food.

Tex-Mex first came into existence when people of Mexican descent settled in Texas. The term was tossed around loosley for about a 100 years before eventually becoming a descriptor for the Mexican-style food they began creating (and we later began adoring).


Nachos and Chrozio Fundido Cyclone Anaya's Tex-Mex Cantina

Did you know many of the so called Mexican foods we love — like burritos, fajitas and nachos — are actually Tex-Mex inventions? The biggest differences between Tex-Mex and Mexican food comes down to a few of the key ingredients used.


One of the biggest indicators you’re eyeballs deep in a great plate of Tex-Mex is the color of cheese. Tex-Mex primarily uses yellow cheese, while in Mexico you’ll often only find white. So if you’ve spotted cheddar on your plate, you know it’s Tex-Mex!

Veggie Chorizo Cyclone Anaya's Tex-Mex Cantina

If this is in your sight, you’ve won the Tex-Mex lottery.


Another distinction to look for is what type of meat is piled high on your tacos. If you’re seeing ground beef and fajita meat, you’re in Tex-Mex territory! Beef is a bit of a rarity in Mexico, so traditional dishes tend to use more pork and chicken as their protein of choice.

Tacos Cyclone Anaya's Tex-Mex Cantina


A final easy to spot Tex-Mex staple is: are your delicious tacos wrapped in flour or corn tortillas? Tex-Mex tacos are usually made with a flour tortilla or hard corn shell. Mexican tacos are always on yellow corn tortillas.  

Homemade Tortillas Cyclone Anaya's Tex-Mex Cantina

Our tortillas are fresh, hot and handmade daily in-house!


You’re in luck. At Cyclone Anaya’s, we add our own unique twist to Tex-Mex. If you’re looking to dive into a great plate of Tex-Mex, our menu won’t let you down. Try one of these knockout Tex-Mex dishes on our menu…


ATX Loop 1 Burrito - Cyclone Anaya's Tex-Mex Cantina

Our ATX Loop 1 Burrito uses a large homemade flour tortilla filled to the brim with smashed beans, carne guisada, pico de gallo and melted Mexican cheese. We top it with homemade chili con carne, Texas Queso, melted Mexican cheese, guacamole and sliced jalapeños!

This is one of our best sellers for a reason: it’s a burrito big enough for two and down right delicious!  


Loaded Queso Cyclone Anaya's Tex-Mex Cantina

How much queso can you eat before it kills you? Our guests have confirmed: no such limit exists!

Thank goodness – because this Tex-Mex staple of is in high-demand as another bestseller on our menu!

Dig into a bowl of our signature cheesy goodness stacked with jalapeños, pico de gallo and your choice of spinach or taco meat!Tex-Mex never tasted so good!


Chicken & Beef Tacos - Cyclone Anaya's Tex-Mex Cantina

Shield your eyes… you’re about to fall in love with a meat and nacho combo!

Our nachos are piled high with smashed beans, loads of melted cheese and your choice of protein: beef, fajita, or chicken. With serve it up piping hot with sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo and jalapenos.

If Tex-Mex is wrong, we don’t want to be right.


Ricos Taco Salad - Cyclone Anaya's Tex-Mex Cantina

Three words to describe this eye-catching Tex-Mex salad: robust, crispy and zesty.

This fresh salad is topped with guacamole, shredded cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, cilantro lime dressing and a healthy handful of bright tortilla chips. Finish it off with your choice of taco meat or rotisserie chicken.



You can’t have a great tex-mex meal without a strong, artfully mixed margarita!

On Yelp, we’ve overheard guests shouting from the internet rooftops that our margaritas are some of the best in Austin. We promise ours will not let you down!


As Tex-Mex and traditional Mexican food continue to evolve, we may see even more differences arise.

However, as Iliana de la Vega notes, “Either Tex-Mex or traditional Mexican, we can all live together. As long as it’s well-executed food, then, why not?”


This is just a small sample of the incredible menu we offer at Cyclone Anaya’s Tex-Mex Cantina. Make a reservation to come in and sample some of the best Tex-Mex in Austin today!

If you would like to take a deeper peek at our menu check out 10 Dishes You Absolutely Must Try at Cyclone Anaya’s Tex-Mex Cantina or follow us on Instagram for photos of all our new Tex-Mex dishes and drinks!

Visit us at: 3120 Palm Way Suite 170, Austin, Texas 78758

We’re Hiring! See open positions | Cyclone Anaya’s

We’re a fun team of 60+ people working in the heart of the Domain NORTHSIDE. We serve made-from-scratch Tex-Mex in a vibrant, classy, cantina.

Working at Cyclone Anaya’s Tex-Mex Cantina is more than a job. We want you to feel like you’re a part of something bigger with potential for growth. Learn more about our culture and team below; and if you feel like you could be a great fit for our team, please apply to one of our open positions!

What is Cyclone Anaya’s Tex-Mex Cantina?

We’re a lively new Tex-Mex restaurant in the heart of the Domain NORTHSIDE. We’re a small team, but we’re not afraid to pitch in and get our hands dirty to help each other out.

Locally sourced ingredients. Our kitchen and bar use only high-end, quality ingredients. We source only the best local food and spirits.

Classy and casual atmosphere all in one. Our restaurant is a work of art – a rare balance of classy and casual. Our clientele is diverse because you can host your next great business meeting or your next great date night all in the same space!  

More than a meal. We aim to make every visit about more than food. We encourage guests to snap a free photo in our photo booth, enjoy multiple bars on site, or wander onto our visually stunning patio with a small fire wall and fire pits.

What is the Cyclone Anaya’s team like?

Our team in three words: energetic, approachable and creative.


We bring amazing energy into the restaurant that makes it fun for our guests AND US to be there!


Our management strives to be very approachable. You’ll often find them getting their hands dirty bussing tables, opening the doors for guests, and going the extra mile to take care of the staff. We want you to feel like you’re a part of something bigger with potential for growth.


How can we solve challenges in unique and creative ways? It’s no secret the hospitality industry is fast paced and new challenges arise daily. We encourage and empower our employees to think creatively to solve problems and delight our guests. If you want a place where your ideas will be heard and used, you’ve found it!

What Our Best Employees Are Like

    • They want to understand the great story behind our restaurant so they can explain it to our guests.
    • They genuinely care about helping their co-workers if they get in a bind.
    • They are willing to jump in and lend a hand if needed: running food, bussing tables, etc. even if it “isn’t their job.”
    • Have excellent work ethic.
    • Show up to work in a clean, full uniform with great energy.
    • Have weekend availability.


    • Be at least 18 years of age (21 for bartenders).
    • Have at least 6 months experience in the hospitality industry.
    • Must have TABC certifications required by state for servers and bartenders.
    • Aloha POS System knowledge a plus (for servers and bar staff).

Open Positions

Below are some positions we have.

    • SERVERS – Actively Hiring 
    • BARTENDERS – Accepting Applications
    • HOST STAFF – Accepting Applications
    • COOKS – Accepting Applications

How to Apply

There are two ways to apply:

We are accepting applications in person, Monday thru Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m at our restaurant located at: 3120 Palm Way, Suite 170, Austin, TX 78758.

Or, you can also send your resume to:

3 Surprising Reasons We Drink Mimosas (And Maybe You Should Too)

Photo Credit: Positano Coast

Ah, mimosas…

What is a better sidekick to brunch than a fabulous mimosa made with crisp sparkling champagne and fresh orange juice?

We’ve never met a person who doesn’t love brunching with this classy cocktail in hand. And if we have… we thought they were a crazy person.

Here are a few great reasons “brunching with a strong mimosa in hand” should be on your to-do list this weekend.

1. You can maintain your weight loss goals without sacrificing your social calendar.

No smart Austinite wants to destroy their Barton Springs bod. So how can we partake in brunching guiltlessly?

Stick to the original brunch cocktail that started it all: the mimosa.

This classic mixed drink, which is equal parts champagne and fruit juice (usually orange juice), is one of the lowest calorie drinks out there.

Each flute only racks up a mere 85 calories!

Plus, the splash of OJ is minimally caloric, healthy, and chock full of vitamin C.

Who would’ve thought brunching could be so guilt-free?

2. Ordering another drink may be the best way to recover from your bad choices the night before.

For as long as people have been drinking wayyyyy too much, they have also been searching for a sure-fire cure for the dreaded morning after hangover.

Adam Rogers, the author of Proof: the Science of Booze, is of the opinion that most hangover cures don’t work and the best idea may be to … (wait for it) … have another drink!

These findings have been controversial.

However, until some cold hard facts surface that ordering another round isn’t the best way to recover from our bad choices the night before, we’ll continue day drinking as our favorite form of treatment. 🥂

3. Brunching makes us feel like we are adulting… in a really classy way.

Mimosas and brunch go together like eggs and bacon, pancakes and syrup, or orange juice and… champagne.

The best part about #brunchinghard with a mimosa in hand is that it makes it acceptable to drink in the morning!

And… it’s late enough for late-risers to feel like they are still “getting up for breakfast.”

Don’t worry sleepy heads… you still look semi-responsible.

Brunching will make you feel like you’re adulting… in a really classy way.

Now that you have three great reasons to order our favorite citrus-filled champagne elixir this weekend, we need to build your game plan to find a wicked strong, super tasty and dirt cheap mimosa!

The only thing better than one mimosa is a … a whole lot of mimosas… for dirt cheap.

If you wanted to craft up your own batch of mimosas at home, you would need to spend at least $12-15 on just the sparkling champagne or you may take a direct train to headache central. Plus, don’t cheap out on the orange juice… or your homemade mimosa may fall flat!

Or… you could round up your best brunch pals and get your mimosa fix this weekend for dirt cheap!

Lean in closely… we have the best kept brunch secret in town:

Every Saturday and Sunday from 11am-3pm at Cyclone Anaya’s Tex-Mex Cantina, we do “Penny Mimosas.”

Here’s how it works…

The first 11oz fill is $10.99. Refills are just a penny each! 😱

We make it rain mimosas all brunch long.

A few other things that are unique about our penny mimosas…

  • Every Mimosa is MADE TO ORDER and 100% fresh. We do not pre-mix large “batches” like many restaurants do.
  • Our champagne is ON TAP… with an excellent flavor profile! And our orange juice is top notch. We purchase high-end OJ that blends and balances wonderfully with our champagne.
  • We dish out nice heavy pours to our guests and serve a knockout brunch to dig into while you recover from a great weekend!

Sweet or savory? We’ve got both at our brunch Saturday and Sunday 11am-3pm!

We hope you are inspired to get a classy cocktail this weekend with friends. And if you’re ready to find about one of the hottest new brunch spots in town, join us for Penny Mimosas!

Cheers to keeping our Barton Springs bod, recovering from our bad choices the night before with strong drinks and great food … and adulting in a really classy way.

Visit us at: 3120 Palm Way Suite 170, Austin, Texas 78758

10 Dishes You Absolutely Must Try At Cyclone Anaya’s Tex-Mex Cantina

Search online in Austin and you’ll see no shortage of Tex-Mex restaurants.

Since its humble beginnings as a fusion of Mexican and American cuisine, Tex-Mex has become a staple of the south and continued to be an ever-evolving cuisine.

At Cyclone Anaya’s, we add our own unique twist to Tex-Mex.

If you’re looking for a place to start on our menu, here are ten dishes we recommended every new guest should try.

Loaded Queso 

Loaded Queso-Tex-MexAustin

How much queso can you eat before it kills you? Our guests have confirmed: no such limit exists!

Thank goodness – because our Texas Loaded Queso is in high-demand as the bestseller restaurant-wide!

Dig into a bowl of our signature cheesy goodness stacked with jalapeños, pico de gallo and your choice of spinach or taco meat!

Breakfast Chilaquiles

Breakfast Chilaquiles-Tex-MexAustin

Our breakfast Chilaquiles have been raved about on Google Reviews as, “The best and closest-to-authentic Chilaquiles I’ve had!” We think they are pretty incredible too!

Pair your plate with a Blueberry Mojito (shown above) and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a knockout Tex-Mex meal!

Pollo Vienna

Pollo Vienna-Tex-Mex-Austin

We take a classy Tex-Mex approach to this savory chicken dish. After sautéing it in our special cilantro butter, we top it with a mushroom chipotle chardonnay cream sauce and serve it up piping hot alongside avocado slices and fresh grilled veggies.

Rico’s Taco Salad

Rico’s Taco Salad Tex-Mex Austin

Three words to describe this eye-catching salad: robust, crispy and zesty.

This fresh green salad is topped with guacamole, shredded cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, cilantro lime dressing and a healthy handful of bright tortilla chips. Finish it off with your choice of taco meat or rotisserie chicken.

Camarrones a la Parrilla

Camarrones a la Parrilla-Tex-Mex-Austin

After seeing this dish, you’re going to want to add it to your dining out wish list!

We serve up six jumbo chargrilled shrimp stuffed to the brim with jalapeño and Mexican cheese, wrapped in thick and tasty applewood smoked bacon and served on a bed of Mexican rice with smashed beans, fresh grilled vegetables, and slices of avocado and tomato.

Salmon Salad

Grilled Salmon Salad Tex Mex Austin

Salad hits a whole new level of yum when it’s paired with a perfectly seasoned, tender filet of salmon! This healthy choice is as delicious as is it delightful to look at!

The supporting cast of this unforgettable dish brings just as much flavor; fresh greens, a bed of crunchy cucumbers, perfectly ripe tomatoes, fresh avocado, red onion and charred tomato vinaigrette.

This dish is proof dining out doesn’t have to derail your health goals.

Chipotle Roasted Beef Brisket Tacos

Chipotle Roasted Beef Brisket Tacos Tex Mex Austin

You can’t rush great food – and that’s why we take our time slow roasting the beef to perfection in our savory brisket tacos! Enjoy a generous portion of unbeatable brisket, topped with a bright spicy slaw that is sure to wake up your taste buds.

Half Rotisserie Chicken

Half Rotisserie Chicken Tex Mex Austin

Here’s what you can always expect from our rotisserie chicken: high-quality locally raised meat and dripping with flavor. Order a half or whole chicken, depending on how much deliciousness you can handle.

Jumbo Margarita on the Rocks


You can’t have a great tex-mex meal without a strong, artfully mixed margarita!

On Yelp, we’ve overheard guests shouting from the internet rooftops that our margaritas are some of the best in Austin. We promise ours will not let you down!

Tres Leches


Our Tres Leches cake is the perfect way to cap off an incredible meal.

Moist and creamy cake, with hints of cinnamon, topped with chocolate drizzle and flanked by strawberry slices and whipped cream! Your inner fat kid will be jumping for joy after you dive into this decadent dessert!

Are you craving a great Tex-Mex food yet?

This is just a small sample of the incredible menu we offer at Cyclone Anaya’s. Make a reservation to come in and taste test some of the finest Tex-Mex in Austin today!

Visit us at: 3120 Palm Way Suite 170, Austin, Texas 78758