Tex-Mex Bucket List: 8 Dishes To Try Before You Die

Move over, bland bucket list, because we’ve got some exciting news for your taste buds (and commitment to locally sourced ingredients)!

From an award-winning salsa master to tortillas made in house, we’ve perfected many plates here at Cyclone Anaya’s Tex-Mex Cantina.

Based on both customer compliments and our own discoveries, here are our eight must-haves. Because you haven’t really lived until you’ve tried them!


A local take on classic tacos, juicy Texas brisket meets equally mouthwatering chipotle puree and other spices, then slow roasts for 12 hours. The perfection is topped with fresh slaw, chili dressing, and your choice of salsa, for a completely new combination we think you’ll love!


Cheers to something completely different! These aren’t your standard crispy shrimp tacos. They burst with rich flavor from a Negra Modelo beer batter that makes the shrimp even more scrumptious! Customers agree that it’s one of our best creations:

This is one of my favorite Mexican spots in Austin. A fun, great hangout spot at the Domain! My favorite is the crispy shrimp tacos with the charro beans!!! (Brittni, Yelp)


On the road to hangry but not quite ready for a full meal?

We’ve got you covered with the happy hour version of our signature Rotisserie Chicken Tacos, made with our secret spice blend and infamous brining technique. It takes us 24 hours, a process well worth the wait!

Hungry for more?

It’s also available on the full-sized menu. They’re a crowd pleaser either way:

I love this place!!! I get the rotisserie chicken tacos, and they are the bee’s knees! (Bridgette, Amazon Restaurants Review)


Sometimes the simplest things bring the greatest joy, and this Pollo Vienna dish proves that by its popularity!

Much more interesting than the standard chicken breast plate, chipotle mushroom cream sauce brings equal parts zesty and savory to the dish. The resulting combo is a restaurant staple you simply won’t want to put down. The testimonials are many! Here are a few:

I had the Pollo Vienna and it was amazingly creamy and good. (Angela F, Yelp)

Pollo Vienna was great. More than I could eat. (Anonymous, Tripadvisor)

The service was great and the food was spectacular. I would highly recommend this place. The Pollo Vienna was delicious. (Elliot, Yelp)


What’s not to love about ceviche?

We step it up by marinating a fresh batch of shrimp, scallops, and fish in zesty lime juice. The citrus makes a fragrant first impression, followed by a slightly spicy jalapeño, cilantro and red onion combo. Crowd-pleasing plantains and avocado top the dish off and, according to this customer, is exactly why it made the list:

Then there’s the ceviche… one of my favorite things I had the whole night: lime and herb-cured seafood served with avocado and crispy plantains! (Monique Sandhu, a local food blogger)


Is making decisions something you avoid? Hello, delicious procrastination!

With a little bit of everything in each bite, we pile our crispy tortilla chips high with layers and layers of goodness! Sizzlin’ fajita beef, chicken and smashed beans make the base, topped with guacamole, pico de gallo, and sour cream. It’ll be the best indecisive choice you’ve ever made, says this customer:

We then got a half order of the beef and chicken nachos: corn tortilla chips topped with smashed beans, melted cheese and beef fajita or chicken fajita. Served with sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo and jalapeños. I love that each nacho is made separately so you have the perfect ratio. (Monique Sandhu)


Stomach growling out of control?

We’ve got you covered with the ATX Burrito, your empty stomach’s new BFF! With a fresh in-house flour tortilla bigger than the heartiest appetite, it’s packed with hunger-smashing carne guisada, beans, pico de gallo, chili con carne sauce, and a whole lotta cheese (chile con queso and melted yellow).

It gets the job DONE, happy customers say:

Soooooo this place is great. The food was excellent. ATX burrito was on point. (Cory, Yelp)


Equal parts delicate and decadent, we think you’ll find our Tres Leches cake one to die for! A pleasantly spongy slice layered to rich creamy perfection, three milks sweetly combine (whole, condensed, and evaporated). Sprinkled cinnamon on top, a drizzling of chocolate, and some whipped cream and sliced strawberries on the side make for the perfect last must-have dish!


Escaping the summer heat in style, all while crossing off your bucket list, is a certified win-win!

Bring a group of friends or simply enjoy the ambiance at the bar surrounded by warm lighting, inviting chairs, and a friendly staff! Every aspect of your experience should be inviting and memorable, which is why we love reviews like these:

Cyclone Anaya’s has the high-quality food and cocktail offerings that you expect from fine dining, while totally unpretentious about it…. We love this place and will definitely come back. Alyssa was a wonderful bartender, and took time with us to help us pick out the right drinks for our tastes. You can’t go wrong here! – Kylie C, Google Reviewer

Cyclone Anaya hasn’t disappointed us yet. The food is good and filling. The margaritas are on point. And the atmosphere is amazingly cool. We’ve been for lunch and the menu is extensive… Lots to choose from when it comes to Tex Mex. The service is great too. – OpenTable Diner


Never make the choice between staying in or leaving your dog again with our pup friendly patio.

With an open floor plan that looks right into the restaurant, you’ll still stay a part of the excitement. Plus, your pup may just find a new best friend, like these two cuties below, the tiny but mighty Dazee Dukes (lower left) and sweet sombrero-wearing Charlie Bear (lower right).


Don’t forget to document the good times on your way out.

Our photo booth at the exit invites you to remember every moment you spent enjoying the good food, solid drinks, and great conversations with the people you care about. Have fun with some props, or simply smile for the camera. It’s all so memorable, you’ll likely want to invite your friends, like this customer:

“Absolutely delicious! Atmosphere was amazing! I visited Austin for the first time and found this place on a whim, and I will recommend to all my friends!” Jorri H, Yelp.



Why wait your whole life to enjoy some quality local Tex-Mex? Stop by Cyclone Anaya’s Tex-Mex Cantina, see our full menu, and make your own must-have list! Make a reservation today and taste for yourself why customers are calling it the best Tex-Mex in Austin!

For more about what inspired our Tex-Mex menus, check out our last post, Tex Mex. vs Traditional Mexican: What’s The Difference, or follow us on Instagram for new creations, popular favorites, and more!

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