The 8 Best Places for Rockin’ Queso in Austin

Ooey Gooey, we LOVE us some good Queso!

So we did our due diligence and dipped our chips into every bowl of liquid gold we could find!

Make sure you read until the end… you will get a chance to try one of these top queso’s for zero dinero!

Now let’s get to it… these eight places in Austin take the (cheese)cake:


Photo from Torchy’s Tacos on Facebook

When it comes to Queso, there’s no such thing as too much!

You’ll agree when you take a bite out of Torchy’s Green Chile Queso with their homemade chips!

Why we LOVE them: Loaded with green chiles and topped with fresh guac, cotija cheese, cilantro and diablo sauce, there’s massive flavor in every little bite!

What customers have said: Get bold and upgrade by adding Texas Chorizo to the mix for what Torchy’s calls their “Hillbilly Queso!”


Vegetarians and meat lovers unite!

Yes, we really just said that, and for good reason! Now both parties can enjoy the Texas Loaded Queso because it’s customizable!

Why we LOVE them: It’s the same savory Chile Con Queso made with local white cheese that customers love PILED HIGH WITH fresh jalapeños, pico de gallo and choice of spinach (go vegetarian!) or taco meat!

What customers have said: The local white cheese adds a creamy color, texture, and consistency that’s truly addicting! Good thing the chips keep on comin’!

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Photo by Kerbey Lane Cafe. Also featuring their Vegan Queso

Calling all Vegans who miss them some Queso!

Don’t worry, Kerbey Lane Cafe has you covered with an option that’s a take on their classic Kerbey Queso, without the cheese.

Why we LOVE them: Kerbey Queso gets a Texas spin with Cowboy Queso, featuring black beans and guacamole and MAN is it tasty!

What customers have said: The Vegan Queso was even better than the Kerbey Queso according to same Vegans AND cheese lovers. Others recommended trying all three Quesos! (And ordering Chili Queso Fries!)


Photo by Jordan Haro.

Go for Queso in one of its purest forms at Maudie’s Tex Mex!

A classic Tex Mex queso, it comes with Chorizo for a rich texture that pairs nicely with chips and salsa!

Why we LOVE them: It’s all about that texture with this simply delicious Queso because it practically melts in your mouth and there’s nothing watered down about it!

What customers have said: We just HAD to quote Yelper Aaron B., who said that the Queso is “especially good, with the right viscosity to hold on to the chip”! Simply speaking, he seconds the awesome texture!


Photo by Magnolia Cafe

Three Words: Mag Mud Queso.

Yes, they have Mag Queso that’s more straightforward topped with avocado and pico de gallo, but Mag Mud is a lot more fun!

Why we LOVE them: Mag Mud adds beans for a whole new spin on the customer favorite, and this one small ingredient makes a huge flavor difference that we’re all about!

What customers have said: Prepare to get addicted AND to keep requesting chip and salsa refills, good thing they’re included!


Photo by Matt’s El Rancho

This Queso features a flavor profile so special it has its own name!

Called the Bob Armstrong, the key ingredients of this secret Queso sauce aren’t revealed, but it’s sure delicious!

Why we LOVE them: We’ve tried imitations and nothing matches up to this special combination of savory, fresh and gooey goodness!

What customers have said: Yelper Steven X calls it one of the Top 3 Queso experiences in Austin, and that he’s a happy long-time customer.


Photo by Polvos Austin on Facebook

So many takes on Queso, so little time!

The Chili con Queso at Polvos is a pretty compelling rendition topped with tasty guac, fresh ground beef and pico de gallo!

Why we LOVE them: We know we were served a ton of chips… yet they were suddenly gone as mysteriously as the Queso was… yum!

What customers have said: More than one Yelper called it the best in Texas, many mentioning the plethora of goodies on the side that come with the plate!


Photo by Nickie B. on Yelp.

We thought we’d seen everything until we found the Queso Blanco y Rojo!

Featuring spicy queso with árbol salsa, rajas, onions, and mushrooms, it brings new bold flavors to the mix!

Why we LOVE them: Tostadas. Tostadas. Tostadas. They’re that good AND let you eat that much more Queso at a time! Win-win!

What customers have said: If the Queso Blanco y Rojo is too much, try the Queso Fundido, with melted jack cheese and flour tortillas even picky eaters at the table should like!


We’re all about satisfying that savory tooth (you know, when our sweet tooth needs a break!) We hope you find this list helpful when you have a hankering for killer Queso in Austin!

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We would love for this post to become a growing resource for queso fans. If there is a great queso hot spot we missed, please let us know in the comments!

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