Where to Brunch Right Now: 7 Unknown Brunch Spots That Should Be On Your Radar

You’ve done all of your serious adulting for the week, and now it’s time to splurge! What better way to welcome the weekend than brunch?

If you’ve settled into a routine place to go, it may have lost some of its excitement. Take back the novelty of this most important meal of the (Satur and Sun) day!

From carrot cake french toast to a Tex-Mex take on eggs and bacon with penny bottomless mimosas to boot, here are 7 top spots for killer brunch you may not know about (yet).


Photo by The Dishstance

There are several reasons to make a mad dash for brunch at Paperboy!

For under $10 you’ll get so much good stuff, you’ll likely take something to go!

Our recommendations include the to-die-for Texas Hash ($9), loaded with sweet potato, pork shoulder, onion, kale, pecan mole and a poached egg for protein-filled flavor!

If you’re looking for something a smidge more sinful, we say go for the sunnyside egg spectacular pictured above! The Chilaquiles ($8) are loaded with tortilla chips to scoop up the goat chorizo, salsa roja, and cotija cheese, and you’ll notice a jalapeno kick, too!  


Made in house bread, juices, sauces, and syrups make them extra fresh, which is pretty sweet. Locally sourced produce and dairy plus fresh coffee from Tweed Coffee Roasters make us all warm and fuzzy!


Photo by @ked.tx on Instagram

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!

Cyclone Anaya’s makes brunch a special occasion every single time.

Not only is there a dedicated brunch menu with breakfast quesadillas, tacos, ‘Breakfast Americana’ (pictured above) and other Tex-Mex favorites, french toast is a favorite, too!

Seasonal fruit also makes for a fresh and healthy side, and it’s a customer favorite!

No matter what you choose, you’ll want to linger with Penny Mimosas and Poinsettias (cranberry and bubbly)! Penny Mimosas run from 10am- 3pm on Saturday and Sunday, refills are just a penny!

At $10.99 for the first pour, the whole table can splurge guilt-free as many times as they want because, hey, who’s counting?


Feeling a Sunny Sunday outdoors? Enjoy a DJ out on the dog-friendly patio every Sunday! Bring your four-legged bestie with you and enjoy some outdoor window shopping since it’s in the heart of the Domain Northside.

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[optin-monster-shortcode id=”yw0eb1eporkrztyub7sr”]Photo By South Congress Cafe

If your New Year’s resolution WASN’T to eat dessert first, it isn’t too late to make a change!

We have to give major praise to this tempting favorite at the South Congress Cafe! This Carrot Cake French Toast ($13) brings the best of both worlds to the table.

With a delectable combo of carrot cake, cinnamon vanilla egg batter, and cream cheese pecan syrup, your sweet tooth gets some satisfaction while seasonal fresh fruit helps you with justifying the indulgence!

No matter how hungry the table is afterward, you can accommodate all appetites with appetizers, entrees, salads, and everything in between! Picky eaters rejoice, there’s something for everyone,  from steak and eggs to butternut squash soup!


Get bubbly enough for the whole table at a discount with 10% off all bottles of champagne and prosecco so you can get as fancy as you’d like, even on a budget!


Who doesn’t love fresh ingredients and an addicting meal that’s nutritious? We call that a culinary win-win.

There’s lots to love here, starting with the popular favorite pictured above, featuring addicting Oaxacan Green Corn Griddle Cakes with flavorful fried eggs, savory smoked ham, tasty kale, and bright cucumber.

At $13, it’s an affordable luxury. The same is true for other favorites like a Sourdough Bagel with trout roe and crème fraîche ($16), and Texas Toast with bacon, egg, and pork fat hollandaise ($14).

With nothing over $16 and priceless quality, we say sink your teeth into a new definition of brunch!


Providing seasonal flavors is an understatement! Emmer & Rye takes it a step further by milling their grains in-house, providing freshly butchered pork weekly, and implementing a dedicated fermentation program for the freshest taste you can get!


Photo by Bouldin Creek Cafe on Instagram

A local spot for Vegetarian and Vegan fare since 2000, this cafe has got the recipe for maximum flavor without sacrificing your diet.

Which for us is truly just a cooler way of saying, Vegans rejoice! We can’t help but praise this place, especially for the hollandaise!

The Renedict ($10.50) offers either an egg or tofu scramble, local tomatoes, baby spinach, scallions, and tofu bacon on grilled ciabatta. Their hollandaise sauce is house-made and we just can’t believe it’s VEGAN it has so much flavor.

We know, we know, we sound awfully excited about a sauce, but that’s because it’s awesome. Come get your awesome sauce (yep, you just knew we had to say it).

Other favorites include the Breakfast Scramwich ($8.50) with eggs or tofu and melted cheddar-jack cheese, a Garden Bagel ($7) with spread and local produce, or the Tamale Breakfast ($8.75 eggs) with sweet potato & pecan tamales!


The Renedict is so popular it’s available until 2 pm OR until they run out (which happens often). This is the one time we say go ahead and be a follower, you’ll be glad you tried it!


Photo by Holy Roller on Facebook

Getting bored of the same pancakes, french toast, bacon, and eggs for brunch? This place is for you! They take old classics and add a twist to create a whole new dish!

Welcome to a menu full of your new favorites. Pictured is one of the most addicting things for brunch we’ve had in a LONG time.

The Churro French Toast ($13) is a sweet mix of cinnamon sugar crumble and lemon creme fraiche. Just YUM. That’s it, we don’t have anything cooler to say!

Fortunately, the menu speaks for itself with other unique favorites like their shrimp & grits, ‘Grilled Cheesus’ with a brunchier take on the classic sandwich, and the Casbah featuring fried chicken and a honey biscuit!


What’s not to love about Holy Roller’s self-proclaimed inspiration, which is the spirit of punk rock with a hint of religious kitsch, and a nostalgic food menu with a bit of whimsy. Rock on, we say, all the way to this tempting brunch!


Photo by June´s All Day on Instagram

Dessert for brunch, again? Cheers to that! June’s All Day is a neighborhood cafe and bar featuring a French flair that many customers can’t get enough of!

Two reasons for this may very well be their strong yet smooth coffee (Stumptown Single Origin) and their variety of French pastries, including the canelé!

Proof that the best things often come in small packages, this French pastry, pictured above, packs a lot of flavor into its more compact size with rum and vanilla flavoring, a caramelized crust and gooey custard center!

Don’t worry if you’re not a French pastries fan. Their eclectic menu features a little bit of everything, including Sourdough Pancakes with cherry jam ($14), a Breakfast Chalupa with scrambled egg whites ($15) and Housemade Granola ($12 ).


Whether you want grab-and-go pastries and coffee in the AM or full-on brunch, enjoy a cozy atmosphere with a vintage jukebox, banquette seating, marble bar, and sports TV. Turn up your weekend with DJ Nights Friday and Saturday from 9 pm – late.


We’re all about #brunchgoals! Whether you’re looking to sip the day away and be bubbly at Cyclone Anaya’s, enjoy vegan hollandaise at Bouldin Creek Cafe, sink your teeth into sweet churro french toast at Holy Roller, or try something else that’s new, we applaud your adventurous spirit!

What is your favorite not-to-be-missed brunch spot in Austin? Let us know where and why in the comments!

We would love for this post to be a hit list of must-hit Sunday Funday destinations!

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